Better Business Decisions With FREE Data

Better Business Decisions With FREE Data! Too often we see Small Business Owners get frustrated and fail because they aren’t making decisions based on real data. KNOW YOUR DEMOGRAPHIC using these FREE tools! #googleanalytics #facebookpixel #surveymonkey #seethegreeninyourfuture

Google Analytics on the surface helps you understand where your website traffic is coming from, location, age-range, sex, device type, time-on-page, bounce-rate and much more!  This data alone will help you understand where you may need to make improvements to keep people on your site longer, and what to do to convert engagement into sales.

Facebook Pixel is priceless! The biggest take-away is that it can track those of your website visitors that have facebook accounts so that you can market directly to them via Facebook Ad Campaigns and to help you find more people like them on facebook to increase traffic, awareness and engagement of your business.

Survey Monkey is a great way to get direct feedback about your companies’ products, services and/or the overall customer experience.  Be open to criticism so that you can fine-tune your business to gain loyal, repeat customers.

If you have not done this for your business, you are missing out!!!  Need help setting these up, feel free to contact us