Terms and Conditions

Customer Guarantee

We guarantee you’ll get the best service and customer experience with the utmost integrity while you’re a part of the SmallBizNiz family. We will not at any time, or in any way perform any predatory business practices that aim to take advantage of you, your business, business accounts, or relationships we may have access to, for the duration of, or upon the completion of your project. We guarantee that upon your request to end or suspend any of our non-contracted products or services, that you will be allowed to do so in a hassle-free manner. Upon any clear violation of this guarantee and/or damages you or your business has suffered, we will be more than willing to provide a full or partial refund of our products and services as our intentions are to help you better your business, not to put you in a worse situation for you or the customers you serve.

SmallBizNiz Products and Services

Typically our products and services are Non-contracted, Virtual or Downloadable without the need for shipping and can be stopped at any time with the exception of some of our Web Products and Services.

Web Products

Domains, Hosting, Email and Security products can only be canceled and refunded within the first 15 days, no exceptions.

Virtual Products and Services (Digital)

Virtual products and services are those that are provided for you and your business that you do not physically touch.  This could include services like Graphic Design, 3D Modeling or Web Design and Development.

There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges for time spent designing or building. Instead we will continue to work with you on your project until you are completely satisfied or until you decide to continue with another provider.  At that point any files that we have worked on belong to you and will be provided to you via email, DropBox or WeTransfer.

Downloadable Products

Downloadable products cannot be refunded, returned or exchanged. All purchases are final.

Recurring (aka Subscription) Services

Recurring services are non-contract (such as IG Fastrack or Web Mastering Services) and can be cancelled at anytime.  Refunds can be issued and will more than likely be pro-rated dependent upon when you’ve canceled your subscription verses your payment date.  If you wish to cancel any of these services at anytime you may do so.  Please just give us a heads up so that we can suspend or cancel your subscriptions in a timely manner.