Building a website is not too dis-similar from building a house and turning that house into a home.  The time it takes depends on the number of pages (the amount of rooms) and the amount of content (the furniture) you have as well as the amount and level of customization you require (wall, flooring, cabinet and counter-top selection and colors).  Other things to consider are your add-ons such as plug-ins and synchronization with 3rd party applications and services (your internet service provider, house phone, cable tv).  All of these things take time for setup and testing until fully operational.

With all of that being said, just like there are different types of homes, different types of websites serve users in different ways.  A blog website is different from a website for a Doctors Office, and both of those are different than a website that sells tangible products that are shipped or downloaded.

To get an estimate for how long it would take to build your website, contact us.

There are so many variables that go into the costs of having a website.  The first things you’ll need are a Domain Name and Hosting both of which we can assist you with.  From there your website application can be installed/setup for FREE if youre using a open source platform like WordPress or Joomla, however it will be very plain Jane until you choose, purchase and install a theme.

You could also go the custom route where your entire website can be built from scratch using a combination of open source frameworks available.  This route is usually the most expensive way to go because it takes the most time and requires someone with very specific skills.

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