The Worx Hyrdroshot

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So I don’t do alot of product endorsements unless I run across something that I really want to try.  But I had to do it for  the Worx Hydroshot.

I first saw an informercial on TV that peaked my interest, but I didn’t act on it until I saw the informercial for the 3rd or 4th time.

I ordered it over the phone which was a big mistake for someone like myself that doesn’t like to be sold to.  For those of you that know me, i’ve served my time in the call center selling products so nothing annoys me more.  High Praise to those that still do it.

I received my Hydroshot rather quickly via UPS and was mostly excited about the 2 liter attachment where you use the Power literally anywhere with a 2 liter bottle.  I was not happy about the performance of that as the pressure using the attachment seemed equivalent to that of a super soaker toy water gun.  So I waited until today to give it another shot (no pun intended) and try it connecting the standard water hose to it.

OMG, this thing is official!  I first tested it on the side of my house on brick and on a shutter and wow.  After being satisfied with that result I decided to use it to wash my car.  Lol, the thing was so powerful that it chipped some paint off of my custom maaco paint job.

I do recommend you try the Hydroshot for yourself especially using the hose directly in to it.  I think Worx should rework (no pun intended again) the 2 liter attachment to get more pressure, that my only feedback.