2021 Operational Changes

Updated Mailing Address

Smallbizniz LLC
8005 Creighton Parkway
Suite C, BOX 190
Mechanicsville, VA 23111


Due to recent events that could effect the health and safety of our staff and issues that have caused mail delays, we have been forced to implement some changes to how we receive payments.  Online payments are the safest, fastest and least expensive payment method available.

via Zelle

To see if Zelle is available through your bank, click here or download the ZelleApp

via CashApp

To make a payment via CashApp, let us know at the time of invoice and that information will be provided to you.

via Website (PayPal)

All clients paying online will pay cost of service + taxes + 2.9% payment gateway fee + $.30 transaction fee.

Picked-up in person

All clients paying in person via cash or check will pay cost of service + taxes + $2.00/mile round trip

by Mail

All clients paying by mail will pay cost of service + taxes + 3.5% fee of the balance

Late Fee

To avoid a late fee of 2.0% of the outstanding balance on an invoice, all payments must be received within 10 days of services being rendered. This 2.0% fee must be paid before the next service request can be processed.

Subscription based services

Subscription based services will only be initiated and managed via PayPal through this website.  SmallBizNiz LLC does not take cash or check for services that fall into the subscription category.

Service disruption due to non-payment

SmallBizNiz LLC is not responsible for disruption of service due to non-payment.  All clients will be notified by email or by phone well in advance before services are scheduled to expire.


Refunds are only issued on purchased web hosting products within 15 days of purchase.

Refunds for hourly services may only happen given available credit upon cancelation of said service(s)


It is our intentions to provide disclaimers when clients accept or decline services.  This is to protect SmallBizNiz LLC and will serve as a reminder that a service was offered and that any benefits, features or risks associated with said service were thoroughly explained.